Trailering Testimonies

We care for each animal on our trailer as if they’re our own! We always take the time to learn about the horse and cater to each owner’s concerns, and we’re grateful for each client who offered their feedback for us to share with you!

“Two years ago I was moving to Alberta and had to send my horses over before I could move. I had never been separated from my horses and trusted Tammy and Marvin. They had given me the best quote out of 20 haulers, and spent time talking with me on the phone to get to know more about my horse. The condition of the trailer and truck was clean and safe. They had a layover to let the horses rest and my horses arrived in Alberta in great condition! They were in immaculate condition even after such a long ride! I trusted my “children” to them and was not disappointed! I was updated as the trip went and will happily use them again!”
– Mereyehia T

“Marv has moved several horses for us and works hard to get the job done right! He hauled a yearling from Manitoba to Ottawa and gave us the best rate! He treated him like he was his own. I got constant updates and was impressed that my horse stepped on a clean trailer full of fresh bedding. He arrived healthy, happy, and hydrated! He’s also picked up horses from us and delivered them with just as great service! I would recommend Marv for any job! He takes pride in what he does and always does it well. Long hauls or short hauls, he’s always there and gives the fairest price and the best care!”
– Stephanie B

“I had Tammy and Marv take our loved pony Captain to his leaser and also had him pick him up again when the lease was over. Marv went willingly knowing that he was being paid upon pickup (most haulers only haul if they’re paid in advance) and everything went well and my pony came home safely. We have since used them and have always referred others to use their services as well. Thank you for the amazing care you provide all of your passengers!”
-Lisa D

“Tammy and Marv are my #1 go to when I need to haul a horse, short and far distances! They take incredible care of each horse they transport as if it’s their own. THe horses and other livestock being trailered come before their own needs. They are truly amazing people and full of love! I am so grateful for these ‘road angels’ who have helped us both rescue, save and safely trailer our beloved family members”
-Mustang Micha (Archway Connection Equine Assisted Mental Health Healing Centre)

“In 2014 we asked Tammy and Marvin to haul 2 horses I had just bought from Ontario to Saskatchewan. One of them was an older arthritic Percheron, a stiff boy with a rough past, and very thin. Tammy and Marv took exceptional care of both horses. They stopped frequently for layovers to let the horses rest and they always had food and water and kept me up to date during the trip. The horses arrived in excellent shape and good spirits! In 2016 when I needed a shipper for a trip within Saskatchewan, I naturally contacted Tammy and Marv again and they added me to one of their trips when they were going across the country. I recommend Tammy and Marv whenever anyone is looking to have a horse hauled! Their services are wonderful, the care to the horses is fantastic, and their prices are incredibly reasonable! They love the animals they haul and they’re clearly not just a paycheck but living beings with a soft heart. I will always use them for trailering!”
-Christine H

T&M helped me get my parents big old boy from Ottawa ON to Alberta and they took what could have been a stressful trip and made it outstanding. Sam arrived at my dad’s farm bright eyed and bushy tailed. They went above and beyond on his care, and spent extra time with him during the layover. I was given regular updates throughout the trip. I would recommend them again and would use them again myself!”
-Valerie J

“Two words – THE BEST!”
-Sue G

“TamMar is the only company I would trust to haul my horses any distance. I was referred to them by a friend. Our 2 year old filly was found to have OCD lesions and required surgery. She had only been trailered once so I needed to figure out how to make her comfortable and she would be leaving her pasture mate behind which was a concern as well. Tammy and Marv went above and beyond and brought one of their kind Percheron horses, Belle, to be a companion to our young Clyde before our mare even went out for surgury, and took that opportunity to do a trailering session so that Penny would have an easy time on the actual movig day. This made the transition so easy! They stayed with my horse at the clinic until she was put under for the surgery and was always available to call to ask for updates. Their truck and trailer are so well maintained, clean, and safe. They’re equipped with cameras and driven by a person with obvious experience and a love for horses. Penny was brought back so gently to our farm after her surgery! Tammy and Marv have become the best company to call when we want our horses handled with care for hauling”
-Cheryl L-K

“It’s been three years since T&M trailered my dream horse, Apple, to me. I was a bundle of nerves, not having met my mare yet, and then entrusting her to a hauler I didn’t know yet either. She trailered from Waterloo to Nova Scotia. T&M made this process so easy and less nerve racking with constant updates. They gave my mare an extra layover at a stable who offered a stall because she was tired and Marv happily stopped and let her have a rest. I am so thankful to have both of them. You’re wonderful people! Keep up the great work!
-Robyn B

Tammy and Marvin have trailered two horses for us to Nova Scotia for me in teh past and if the situation should arise for another transport they will be the first ones I will contact!
-Jennifer K